Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30

This has been a very successful bit of ebaytivity for Paul, very successful indeed.

This was a simple listing for a quality product that was quickly dispatched with the minimum of fuss. Perfect ebaying.

It's a Dyson Root 6, DC16, bagless, handheld vacuum cleaner that Paul originally listed for just £10 (+£10 p&P)

Apart from listing the product's features (it has 36 air watts of suction, 5 filtration levels and weighs in at only 3.3lbs) all Paul added was this:
"The only reason for selling this hardly used vacuum cleaner is that we received another one for Christmas! As you can see in the photograph, this even comes in the original box!" which raises the tantalising question as to who would buy Paul and Debbie a handheld vacuum cleaner for Christmas!

Anyway... the auction was scheduled to end on February 6th but it ended early because mehitabel stormed straight in and snapped it up for the 'Buy It Now!' price of £60.

Well done Mehitabel. I reckon these things are going to cost at least £80 new. And well done Paul.

I'm sure Paul will enjoy owning only one handheld vacuum cleaner for a while and I am sure he will enjoy spending his £60 too. Not a lot!

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